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NEW!!! My Funky T Shirt design is now available from Mister Dress up!

NEW!!! My Funky T Shirt design is now available from Mister Dress up!

Zombie Girl t-shirt….get ’em while they last!

On sale: October 28-November 3rd only!

My Etsy Shop


Before my brain explodes trying to get a handle on how to work with all this technology that keeps distracting me, I thought I’d put in a plug for my fabulously neglected Etsy shop.  I’ve had it for 3 years now, but only recently have actually tried to promote it.  (No wonder I haven’t sold anything…doh!)

The main items for sale right now are individual alphabet letters.  I created the original painting series  way back in art school, scanned them, cleaned them up and repainted them using “digital” brushes.

They are each 8×8″, printed on beautiful archival Velvet Fine Art paper, which has the look and feel of a cold-press watercolor paper. Each print is hand-signed by me and offered for sale at the bargain-basement price of $18/each or 4 prints for $60 (not including shipping).

The prints are bold, whimsical and vibrant and I’ve been trying to market them as a “great addition to your kids’ bedroom”.

Well…we’ll see what happens…..

Stay tuned for upcoming children’s growth charts…but only if I can figure out how to correctly load roll paper into my funky printer.

My Paper Monkey Coloring Book

Just completed a b/w personalized birthday coloring book for a new company called “My Paper Monkey”.  They also offer personalized notebooks and doodle pads for kids.

Holiday Card

Merry Holidays

Merry Holidays

Line Art style

Lately I’ve been experimenting with turning my doodles into a newly developed illustration style.  I’m also working on animating some of them using a mounted movie camera and istopmotion software to do some under the camera animation.  I’ll post some of my experiments with this soon.

Right now, here’s a few images I’ve been playing with from my sketchbook.  The blank screen is actually a simple gif animation from a flipbook I created back in my old ‘art school’ days.

Happypix blog has launched!

Hi Everyone-

I thought it might be easiest to put my latest news in a blog format…enjoy!

I’m still getting the hang of Word Press’ features,so, please bear with me with I fumble around trying to upload images and text while trying to customize my page…

I’ll start with my New Year’s Card promo:

Highlights from the past year…

Highlights from 2009 include being chosen to illustrate the cover and interior pages for 2009 “Best of the Bay” issue of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, launching my new custom portrait site, www.freckleshop.com , participation in SF Open Studios through the Art Explosion, more game work with the incomparable Jenny Martin at red-i studio and more…