Hard Boiled Industries has been busy!

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We’re very excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Bad Girl’s Journal App for the NOOK tablet…..just in time for the Holidays!  Based upon the best-selling “The Bad Girl’s Guides” book series by Cameron Tuttle, this interactive diary allows you to create unique entries and dress them up with photos and stickers.  Other features include a daily challenge wheel, a set of personal advice gurus and much, much more!

Retail price: $1.99

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Breaking news: NOW AVAILABLE on itunes store!

Alaskan Portrait

Alaskan Family

Alaskan Family

Woo hoo! I just completed another custom portrait for some friends who wanted their family to be represented as Totem poles in the Alaskan Wilderness.

Flying High

I’ve been commissioned to create a series of illustrations for an installation at the Valdez Museum in Alaska celebrating the Alaskan bush pilots of the 1930s called “Get Ready to Soar!”.  This is great fun for me as I LOVE researching and drawing airplanes.  Here is a sample of the “teaser” poster I designed which advertises the exhibit.

Now Available on Amazon!

Pocket Stones

Pocket Stones: New Cover!

Hardboiled Industries

Great news!

We are proud to announce that our very first E-Book, “Pocket Stones: A World War II Childhood” is now available for sale on Amazon in the Kindle book store!

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Hard Boiled Industries Update

Hooray! Our company’s soon to be released first e-Book, Pocket Stones just won a Best Content award on Vook.

From Vook: “Pocket Stones is a collection of short stories about a young girl growing up in WW-II era Phillipines. Each story is a short gem of personal history mixed with world history, all written with a concise, light touch.”

My illustrations are featured on the cover and in the inside spots.  This is a project I completed many years ago and am very proud to breathe new life into it as an e-Book.

Here are a few screen shots of Pocket Stones

…and, here’s more info about the contest winners

My Etsy Shop


Before my brain explodes trying to get a handle on how to work with all this technology that keeps distracting me, I thought I’d put in a plug for my fabulously neglected Etsy shop.  I’ve had it for 3 years now, but only recently have actually tried to promote it.  (No wonder I haven’t sold anything…doh!)

The main items for sale right now are individual alphabet letters.  I created the original painting series  way back in art school, scanned them, cleaned them up and repainted them using “digital” brushes.

They are each 8×8″, printed on beautiful archival Velvet Fine Art paper, which has the look and feel of a cold-press watercolor paper. Each print is hand-signed by me and offered for sale at the bargain-basement price of $18/each or 4 prints for $60 (not including shipping).

The prints are bold, whimsical and vibrant and I’ve been trying to market them as a “great addition to your kids’ bedroom”.

Well…we’ll see what happens…..

Stay tuned for upcoming children’s growth charts…but only if I can figure out how to correctly load roll paper into my funky printer.

Max and Ruby

This is my latest pet commission and the first one I’ve done of cats.  “Max and Ruby” were very well-loved kitties.

For more custom work, please click HERE.

Custom Holiday Portraits

For anyone who might be
considering having a custom family portrait or pet portrait done this year, I am offering a 10% discount for new clients from now through the end of November.  These unique and funky archival prints make special holiday gifts! Please email me directly if you are interested and would like more details: barbara@happypix.com     Be sure to mention “November 2011 discount”.  Meanwhile, Happy Halloween!

Art Explosion Open Studios

This past weekend, I participated in  Art Explosion‘s fall Open Studio.  I’m fortunate to be able to rent a wonderfully cozy space with some friendly folks in a great little art community within walking distance of my house.  This is where I escape to make paintings when I’m taking a break from commercial work.  For those of you in SF who may have missed it, there will be another Open Studio happening again October 1-2 and a holiday sale sometime in December.  (Date TBD)

I plan to be at the December sale and will host a kid-friendly, hands-on activity in my space. Stay tuned!

My Stop Motion kids

This summer I taught a week-long stop motion animation camp to a small group of 6-10 y/o kids as part of the Young Inklings Group. The Society for Young Inklings is a workshop for budding writers and storytellers that works with elementary age kids in schools.

I taught various forms of animation including: white board, animating objects (such as candy), paper cutouts and, of course, claymation.  We also worked on story, sound, POV and developing a memorable character.

The kids had a blast and produced some interesting and very funny work. Here is a sampling of one of the movies they created.  (Um, yes, that’s my voice hamming it up as the Evil Mushroom Villain.  Thanks for asking .  😉