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My brand new website and home, has just launched!

This is my new REVAMPED, smartphone-friendly, easy to navigate portfolio site which includes personal work, animation and paintings as well as past illustration assignments and game art.

I am planning to phase out over the next few years…but for now, check out my new home!



Our Community Garden- Thai style!

Our Community Garden- Thai style!

Our Community Garden

Hard Boiled Industries has been busy!

ImageFrom our companys’ blog:

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of our brand new Bad Girl’s Journal App for the NOOK tablet…..just in time for the Holidays!  Based upon the best-selling “The Bad Girl’s Guides” book series by Cameron Tuttle, this interactive diary allows you to create unique entries and dress them up with photos and stickers.  Other features include a daily challenge wheel, a set of personal advice gurus and much, much more!

Retail price: $1.99

Barnes and Noble Store link

Breaking news: NOW AVAILABLE on itunes store!

Custom Holiday Portraits

For anyone who might be
considering having a custom family portrait or pet portrait done this year, I am offering a 10% discount for new clients from now through the end of November.  These unique and funky archival prints make special holiday gifts! Please email me directly if you are interested and would like more details:     Be sure to mention “November 2011 discount”.  Meanwhile, Happy Halloween!

I’m the Featured Artist!

I’ve just have been selected as the Featured Artist for the week at!

“I’m working on it!”

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I are in the process of launching a brand new company, specializing in games and apps for the iphone, ipad, nook and android platforms. With our kids’ sporadic camp schedule, it’s been a challenge (to say the least) to get anything done. My job has been creating graphics for our first product-which is a kids’ game called “Bounce Party”.

So here, at long last, is a sneak peek at some of the cool graphics I’ve been making.  Hopefully, this post will soon be followed by an announcement of our game’s launch!

We also just got a twitter account, so please follow us!


Screen shot from "Bounce Party"

Retro Promo Card

I really love “retro” images of kids’ toys like jacks, hula hoops, etc. Perhaps my next promo will have 2 kids playing marbles.2011 Promo Card

2011 Retro Promo Card