Art Explosion Open Studios

This past weekend, I participated in  Art Explosion‘s fall Open Studio.  I’m fortunate to be able to rent a wonderfully cozy space with some friendly folks in a great little art community within walking distance of my house.  This is where I escape to make paintings when I’m taking a break from commercial work.  For those of you in SF who may have missed it, there will be another Open Studio happening again October 1-2 and a holiday sale sometime in December.  (Date TBD)

I plan to be at the December sale and will host a kid-friendly, hands-on activity in my space. Stay tuned!


5 responses to “Art Explosion Open Studios

  1. We so wanted to be there, but between Nathan’s birthday party and a trip to Pacifica to see Roger’s mom, it turned out to be impossible. Next time!

  2. thanks so much Barbara! Glad to touch base again, and I absolutely love the tonality of that painting and the owlgirl idea. You have alot of interesting projects going- and congratulations on being featured in HAI!

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